No, we’re not selling anything

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Briefly interrupting the vacation to say this out loud.. half because everyone has been nagging and asking, half because I’m waiting for my laundry cycle to finish. The recent takeovers of LPI and nAble have sent a virtual frenzy of people from other vendors to VCs to “valuation coaches” via email, Facebook, twitter.. everyone wants a piece of Shockey Monkey. And while I appreciate that and it’s a huge compliment, the answer is always the same:

Thank you for your interest, at this moment we are not exploring an exit strategy and we are not seeking additional funding. We are completely focused on building the best product out there and simplifying the way businesses manage daily operations.

This is pretty much the same thing I’ve been saying for over a year now and it’s true.

It doesn’t mean we’re not for sale. Everything is always for sale. It just means that at the present moment I am not open to entertaining any offers or conversations other than partnership / integrations.

It doesn’t mean it won’t be sold some day. It just means that the business and the product roadmap as it currently exists isn’t being executed in order to create a product/service that can be sold independently of ExchangeDefender.

It doesn’t mean I’m not interested. Believe me, I am. If anyone wants to dump 5x annual revenues on me I would welcome it with open arms. Heck, call me and text me the contract and I’ll send it back. Smile Joke aside, the reality is that I did consider selling Shockey Monkey two years ago when we talked to a lot of different folks about it – but since we closed that chapter all of my focus and all of my time and all of my planning and business process/strategy has been dedicated to building a bigger, more sophisticated, more simple and easy to use business management product.

. . .

As for the speculation, I am not sure where it’s coming from but it’s not from here. Yes I know that there is this growing notion that every large business that just acquired a bunch of stuff they don’t know what to do with (but hope will grow them) needs a PSA. Well, there is Autotask, ConnectWise, TigerPaw that could be bought.. and Shockey Monkey isn’t really a PSA. And while I appreciate how some journalists can be naïve enough to think that a PSA is just another lego block you add to your toy chest, it’s really unlike any other technology: It is intertwined with the business operations (people) and management (politics) and process (stubborn tradition) and existing infrastructure (land mines) in a way that can create a nightmare and requires an army of people to effectively deploy, implement, maintain and.. well, that’s why you haven’t seen a big time PSA sold yet.

Now back to the vacation, enjoy the speculation drama.