The Lies I Tell Myself To Keep Going

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dubaiwealthI love big cities. I love Miami, New York, Los Angeles, Hong Kong, London, Sydney.. most of all Dubai. I love the energy and I love the outlandish displays of wealth and luxury. Not just because I’m a hater.. cause fuck those rich people.. But because it’s a concrete, observable, proof that if you work hard you can make it far in life.

I’ve met enough brilliant people in my life to know that on any given day I’m average.. at best. Being brilliant, charismatic, well connected and a dedicated psychopath being able to believe every lie still isn’t a guaranteed way to success. No matter what, you still have to hustle.

So as I’m walking by these, rather insanely overpriced, things.. generally holding a $3 hot dog or kebab.. I know I’m probably not going to be launching a rocket to Mars or curing a disease – but neither did 99.999% of these people either.

Bottom line is.. it comes down to how hard you are willing to work. How much you’re willing to sacrifice. How much frustration you’re able to put up with.

How many times you’re willing to fail and head to bed beaten.. just to jump out a few hours again and go at it one more time.

Over and over and over again.

As unfairly as things are stacked against people with low income, they are equally or more overcompensating those that overachieve.

So when I look at wealth, I don’t see it with a grain of cynicism. They aren’t all African war lords, Wall Street bankers, Russian oil tycoons or scam artists. Sure, there are some – but for the most part there are few people that are willing to work a lot harder than the many others who just wanted to relax.

So I put in insane hours. I also put in crazy hours running, biking and swimming that beats that desire to “quit” and slow down.

Until I meet a lot of people that made it without working hard.. it’s the only way. And it’s my way and I like it.

Love, -Vlad.