My Availability in November

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Welcome to November – two more months left in this calendar year and that’s a ton of business to be done and lots of setting up for CY’16 so if you need me or we aren’t working as much or as well as we should give me a call. With that in mind, until I work out the bugs with the cloning machine here is my calendar:

November 23-28 New York City

December 25 – Jan 1 Paris, Amsterdam

If you happen to be in either place during this time and want to catch up for lunch or dinner, let me know in advance. Otherwise just shoot me a meeting request via email and let’s go from there.

Next Two Weeks

There are like 6 conferences happening in Orlando right now, along with a packed schedule that I happen to have over the next few weeks as we’re trying to launch big marketing and partner strategy stuff – so we’re about as booked as it gets for things like in person meetings and office visits. Here is where I will be over the next few days:

Fri Nov 6 – Magic Kingdom
Sat Nov 7 – Gainesville UF game, Epcot run from 11 PM – 4 AM
Sun Nov 8 – More Epcot Wine & Dine
Nov 9 – Nov 12 – Slammed.
Sat Nov 14 – Gainesville UF game
Sun Nov 15 – Epcot Wine & Dine

If you’re around any of those over the next week or two, let me know and let’s catch up. Otherwise I’m kind of slammed. If you know me from my 20s or early 30s where I slept 2 hours a night and had 3 lunches and then went to back to back parties.. That dude got a wife and kids and multiple businesses and started running and he (probably) won’t be at the bar at 2 AM. I know, I miss him too but life is good.

So drop me an email. Look forward to DDoSing my calendar for the rest of the year and I think you’re going to love all the stuff we’ve been cooking up for ‘16.