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Sometimes all you need to do is ask


I’ve sort of made a career bashing Mac users. It backfired in Apple buying me a Mac Air! Thanks. So I figured I ought to push my luck and ask for a Lamborghini Murcielago. And last week it made it … Continue reading

This Springs Absolute MUST Attend Event


Soo… this one goes in the WTF category if there was one: California NOW: Tax Workshop for Strippers & Sex Workers: Topics for discussion include the pros and cons of income and tip reporting, what receipts to save and … Continue reading

Thank You

Apple, Awesome

Few weeks ago I was blogging or twittering (can’t really find the thread) about how much I liked MacBook Air but how I would never buy one because 800 pixel vertical resolution just wasn’t good enough for me. Earlier today, … Continue reading

Support Quote of the Day

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Welcome to F**k Me Friday. Internal support ticket: Vlad, I attached a spare power supply to your server and noticed after I attempted to power it on smoke rising from one of the components on the motherboard. I quickly disconnected … Continue reading


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I know many of you may not have gotten your pick and if you chose to ignore the inauguration you’ve missed a hell of a speech. At a time of great uncertainty and everyone pulling back and fearful for what … Continue reading

The End of an Error

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President Bush, thank you for your service to this country. I’m sure it wasn’t easy and I definitely do not agree with most of your policies but I thank you for leading us through the rough times and all you … Continue reading

Breaking News – Governor Declares State of Emergency


Yet again proving to the entire world that we, Floridians, are wusses. Governor is declaring a State of Emergency because – get this – parts of north Florida and even Central Florida may dip below the freezing point for 8 … Continue reading

It’s great to be….

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Almost makes up for 5 years of living in Gainesville. Almost. This was an amazing season for Florida. Full of close games, top opponents, Heisman’s, teaching Georgia some respect, giving Big 12 some humility, getting shamed by Ole’ Miss, stuffing … Continue reading

What works, works…

Awesome, OwnWebNow
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Last day of the month, last day of the quarter, last day of the year. On behalf of my family and my Own Web Now family I would like to thank all of you for making OWN products a part … Continue reading

Disaster around Christmas


What a horrible thing to happen around xmas. What a sad day.. 🙁 Hope nothing unique got lost. KTLA. Also covered by CBS..