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WWPC Day 4: The Big MAPS Wrap

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On a personal and social side, I’m quite down and out today, on a number of fronts for a number of reasons. On a professional and corporate side, however, I am excited, clueless and more driven than ever before. I … Continue reading

WWPC Day 3

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Today (well, yesterday) was a big day for me. And although none of it applies directly to you and your needs as my treasured readers, I feel it is my responsibility as someone who told you to come to WWPC to see what … Continue reading

WWPC Day 2

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You could have guessed what I’ve been up to from yesterdays live pictures and social events. Of course, there is far more than meets the eye when it comes to business meetings – while its perfectly fine to grab someone … Continue reading

Who OWNS this SMB segment? (Party Pics)

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Alright world, and particularly UK and Florida…. who OWNS your segment? I wrote at length about why WWPC matters, who the big players are and how you can learn from the people at the top of your game. No Susan Bradley, … Continue reading

WWPC Day 1

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What an awesome day. I am going back to do the parties in a few minutes but here are a few shots to let you feel like you were here. Welcome! Forefont chokes aliens with some white text on the … Continue reading

WWPC PreDay Recap

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Preday is in the books and I have to say it was better than I expected it would be. Compared to last year the keynotes were disappointing, but I’m not the keynote kind of a guy so you can take … Continue reading

WWPC Cougar

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Presenter is discussing the current SMB roadmap: “I encurage you to stay with that SBS product as we move along” stressing that you can still do business over the next 18 months as the (above) releases come through. According to internal … Continue reading

WWPC Small Business Symposium

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Here are a few pictures to give you a look at the SMB Symposium going on right now (live blog from the keynote.. Zzzzzz… SMB is growing…. Zzzzz… Latin America share…. Zzzzz… 1 million hits a month… Someone wake me … Continue reading

It’s Road Trip Time

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It’s road trip time. I’ve wrapped all the projects, all the to-do’s, all the “can you get this done” and for once I am hitting the road without a single backlog, on-hold, pending or waiting situation on both the home and … Continue reading

Impressions of the SBS Migration ITPRO Conference

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I’ve had this post in the buffer for about two weeks; I wanted to let the euphoria of the social aspects of hanging out with my friends/peers/partners wash off so I can give you an objective view of just what … Continue reading