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The second dumbest thing I ever did

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One of the biggest failures you can have as a software business is not offering a product that the market demands. This is quite possibly one of my biggest mistakes and I’ve written and deleted thousands of words in this … Continue reading

Implementing LTBPCS to solve VAR challenge

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I’m creating acronyms now – LTBPCS – Long Term Business Process Cloud Sales. I base the following argument (and well.. a multimillion dollar business behind it) on talking to some of my successful partners that are really at the top … Continue reading

ExchangeDefender Essentials Emergency

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As I’m sure many of you have already seen, we’re really beefing up the ExchangeDefender Essentials lineup before we announce the final move in the 1-2-3 punch that will carry our partners up in 2012. This time, we’re adding an … Continue reading

Antispam Business Endgame

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Some of you that are my friends on Facebook ( have heard me talk about us intending to drop a nuke on the antispam industry. Since we’re way ahead of schedule at Own Web Now, this is getting to market … Continue reading

unPSA – Whose business is being managed?

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Thank you for joining me in the third post in the series pondering the future of IT and how it will be utilized, at least in small business. If there is one trend line in the technical evolution over the … Continue reading

Optimizing Communications

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One of the biggest challenges in running a software/service company is communications. We have technical users who need to implement our software to fit different business requirements and we also have business users just reselling cloud solutions. As these companies … Continue reading

ConnectWise IT Nation, State of Vlad, Cheap Xerox

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It’s been almost a week since the last blog post. I’m ashamed not only because it’s been a week since the last post but because I’ve written dozens of them in that time but just haven’t hit publish… yet. On … Continue reading

September, Finally.

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Boy am I happy to see September! Oh, and check this out: There are still a few bits and pieces along with the documentation / training collateral coming together slowly. But it’s a step in a new direction leaving … Continue reading

Opposing Business Models or Solution Variety?

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MSPs and IT Solution Providers have an inherent business model flaw: They can’t compete on both price and performance at the same time. Your solution cannot simultaneously be the best and the cheapest because the cheapest is always getting cheaper … Continue reading

ExchangeDefender Web Share Uploads for Clients


ExchangeDefender Web Share has been one of the most popular ExchangeDefender features in the 5.0 release and we’ve improved it quite a bit in 7.0 – with the biggest request in all of ExchangeDefender platform: We need to allow our … Continue reading