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SBS Show #22 – Live from TechEd

Podcast, SBS Show

SBS Show 22 live from TechEd. We grabbed everyone left over after TechEd ended earlier today and brought you the SBS Show live from TechEd’s Security MVP executive office. By the time we were done not even the posters were … Continue reading

So, The SBS Show

SBS Show

Untitled document I have to admit I'm a little puzzled about the lack of feedback on the changes to the SBS Show. I realize people are busy but since we crossed the 10,000 download mark I feel obligated to ask: … Continue reading

SBS Show Strikes Back

SBS Show

Untitled document The SBS Show will be making its triumphant return from the extended spring break tomorrow. This is quite exciting because the type of content I'm coming back with is both inspirational and creative. In short, it is not … Continue reading

SBS Show #15 – Managed Services with Mobitech

SBS Show

SBS Show #15 on Managed Services is the most anticipated SBS Show episode ever – we taped four shows after we decided to go back and redo #15 to give this important topic the fair attention it deserves. Joining us … Continue reading

SBS Show #18 – ISA & Firewalls with Amy Babinchak

SBS Show

SBS Show 18 is an adult and with the age of maturity we look at a responsible topic of protecting your network with a firewall. Amy Babinchak (ISA MVP) joins us for an hour of basic questions about firewalls and … Continue reading

SBS Show #17 – SBS Migration with Jeff Middleton

SBS Show

SBS Show 17 is almost at age of consent so we discussed a mature topic on a mature product: Migrating SBS. Small business networks are very mature and going from the old server to the new server is no longer … Continue reading

SBS Show #16 – SMBTN Partner Groups

SBS Show

Joining us for SBS Show #16 are few leaders of SMBTN groups: Jim Locke, Roger Otterson and Andy Goodman. They discuss the concept of partner groups and going beyond the networking/technology discussions and towards actually doing business. Every partner in … Continue reading

SBS Show #14 – Big in 2006 in SBS

SBS Show

The Duke Nukem Forever production of the SBS Show is out, asking what will be big in SBS in 2006? We've rounded up some SBS industry leaders to answer that question and we also covered some of the things we … Continue reading

SBS Show

SBS Show

Tomorrow night we'll tape the 14th SBS Show. This will be our weekly excursion into the world of small business with "My Fair Lady" cast of Vlad Mazek, Chris Rue and her majesty Susanne Dansey. I am not totally sure … Continue reading

SBS Show #13 – Small Business IT Consulting with Harry Brelsford

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It's good to be the king! Harry Brelsford took a break from his skiing trip to stay at his cabin and talk to us about the state of small business IT, franchising, starting and growing and IT practice, world-wide trends … Continue reading