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So who is behind WMF exploits?

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Ok Bill, day 3? It's time for some editorial ranting here. So there is quite a bit going on with people unloading exploited DLL's and people claiming its too harsh of a move. While Susan does have a very good … Continue reading

WMF workaround

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Figured I'd post the update to this panic that started yesterday and at least try to help a few of you out there that may not be protected by the likes of ExchangeDefender or competent IT staff. If you're worried … Continue reading

Patch Tuesday and other critical matters

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Yup, its the second Tuesday of the month or affectionately called "Microsoft Patchday" and I've been a little swamped so if this is "news" to you it might already be a little too late. Hope you're not one of my … Continue reading

Firefox transition and IE preaching abstinence


Since Securnia cracked the camels back I've been playing with different things Firefox has to offer. First of all, the major problem is rolling this out in the Enterprise through group policy and Sarah was kind enough to point me … Continue reading

Internet Explorer Exploit


According to SANS: The UK group "Computer Terrorism" released a proof of concept exploit against patched versions of Internet Explorer. We verified that the code is working on a fully patched Windows XP system with default configuration. The bug uses … Continue reading