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Vladfire 10: Harry Brelsford Success Profile

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Untitled document Vladfire #10, now in double digits. Appropriately enough, we’ve got the big cheese of SMB IT, Harry Brelsford talking about the changing landscape of SMB IT in USA, status of SBS and SBSers worldwide and a few tips … Continue reading

Vladfire 9: Nancy Williams Success Profile

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Untitled document Ok, not an IT person but she is a friend of mine so.. suck it. Besides, if you don't think you can learn something from people in fields different that your own you're dumber than you think. Nancy … Continue reading

Vladfire 8: Beatrice Mulzer Success Profile

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Untitled document First of the SMB Nation batch and first of the SMB IT Success Profiles. Basically, these are the people that are at the top of their game, be it business, technology, community or otherwise. I will be disabling … Continue reading

Vladfire 7: Community & Your Business with Mark Taylor


Untitled document Last but not least is the “community value” presentation by Mark Taylor. You’ve heard Susanne talk about the general success of the community-based initiatives and their value to Readycrest. You’ve heard Tom talk about the importance of networking … Continue reading

Vladfire 6: SmallBiz IT Shop & SBS Community with Tom Crosbie


Tom Crosbie of Crosbie IT Ltd talks about being a one-man band IT shop in UK. Tom talks frankly about how he started his business, the hardship in getting good business training and how the SBS community helped fill the … Continue reading

Vladfire 5: It’s not easy being green

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Untitled document It’s not easy being green. The SBS R2 project has not been on a pretty road, until today. For the first time in Microsoft’s history a product group has pulled the product back from manufacturing. They saw a … Continue reading

Vladire Episode 4: Community & Your Business with Susanne Dansey


Untitled document Welcome to the second coming of Susanne Dansey. You can read (and watch) more of Susanne here on how the community she participates/builds helps her business. This second “in-the-dark” part of her presentation from Microsoft WWPC talks at great … Continue reading

I was going to do it but you beat me to it


Untitled document Ah, the tireless excuse of the slow and lazy. If I had a penny every time someone said the above to me about the SBS Show I would be bigger than Time Warner. I'm gonna try that line … Continue reading

Vladfire 2: H.264 encoding mov


Untitled document Ok, so I succumbed to presure to try and release the vlog in a .mov format. Let me know what you think, it is encoded as streaming with Fast Start so it should play almost immediately. The downside? … Continue reading

Vladfire Episode 2: SBS Show — True Hollywood Story


Untitled document Hit the image above to download the movie or click here. Susanne, Chris and I wanted to give you an idea of what it’s like to put together the most successful SMB podcast. Enjoy. Update: Sorry about having … Continue reading