Read this first!

I am not a reporter, journalist or a professional writer. This blog is my technical diary and it exists for the sole purpose of communicating matters I find important to my network of IT associates and friends. You’ve probably come accross something interesting in cyberspace that you then forwarded to a bunch of people. I did too, but that number grew to 4,000 subscribers and I had no intention of managing the mailing list.

Could this be more professionally written?

Absolutely. However, English is not my first (or even second language) and these posts are written in Notepad or directly in the blogger textarea tag so I am not too concerned about spelling, article mismatch, punctuation or other complete disregard for the English language. This is not an online community, it is my blog: I do not have to sell advertising. Like it or not everything here is real, from my point of view.

Why are you bashing Linux? Why are you bashing Microsoft?

I am not a fanboy. I run an enterprise-class network spanning 7 data centers and 3 continents. There is very little out there that we do not implement to manage our network, applications and security. I have been a fan of Microsoft software for years and their staff that supports the IT community. I was brought up on the BSD/Linux platform and believe it has a very bright future. I am a fan of both. Having said that, everyone makes mistakes and I feel it is my obligation as an IT Professional to point out when anybody does something stupid that jeopardizes my profession.

Why do you allow anonymous cowards?

I like feedback, good or bad. Not everyone that has a business relationship is open to sharing negative feedback with their partner(s) nor do they want to jeopardize their relationship by giving their true negative feelings towards it. Sometimes you only get the “real deal” when people share with you what is said behind your back. Is it ethical? No. But is it a problem? — I’d like to decide for myself, so the anonymous cowards get to stay.