Big Vladville Changes


Big changes are afoot at Vladville. As most of you know, I maintain this blog to keep my list of partners, VARs, and resellers up to date on everything in IT so they can grow their businesses. The more informed they are, the bigger their business gets, the more people they sell OWN, ExchangeDefender and TheOfficeServer. Makes sense right? Well, turns out many people just do not read blogs. Last week as a matter of fact the second largest ITPRO group in Florida just found out about OneCare and This is bad. Now as much as I'd love to write about all these things and inform people, well, truth be told I find most of those things so boring I couldn't be forced to write about them. Thankfully a lot more people read my newsletter and just want to have a quick summary of things that are going on so I've put together QuickVlad blog. So add it to your aggregator. Software, hardware, technology and pop: XML

5 Responses to Big Vladville Changes

  1. Mark Stanz says:

    Vlad, How do I get on that mailing list?

  2. Vlad says:


    It’s not really a public mailing list it is only sent to our commercial VARs and other people that give us money. They are basically business and technical articles related to making money.


  3. Jess says:

    Yeah, I’d like to get on that list too. Any chance even if we’re not a partner yet or thinking about becoming one?

  4. Vlad says:

    Again, these are intended for making our partners more successful, not the general public.


  5. s. jon whithe says:

    Vlad, I would like to be added to that mailing list too. I looked on your site but could not find a signup link. Is this only open to customers?

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