Hot Jenn

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Earlier tonight we went to Hooters for dinner and we just couldn’t get over our waitress. Is your last name Wakefield? Do you know Jen Wakefield?


Since I couldn’t get Jen on the cell phone I am just convinced she got a night gig and didn’t want to fess up to it. Here is a pic of her when she is not wearing orange shorts:


Oh, and the hot Jenn is a Gator, friend Jen is a nole 🙂

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  1. The Hot Jen says:

    First of all…how drunk were you that you think we look alike??? Secondly, I’m the hot Jen (and it’s one n, not two). Thirdly, here are some differences for you since you have eye problems: 1. I may have been blonde in the past but was a brunette by the time I was 10…and a couple times after that when my highlights went a little too light. 2. my boobs are way bigger 3. I would never work at Hooters…though I did work at Chili’s when I was 18 and wear slightly lowcut tops and short shots for higher tips.

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