Amy’s Support Network Grows Larger

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Amy’s kingdom at Third Tier keeps on growing:

Yesterday Third Tier announced a formal relationship with Calyptix for support services. Calyptix has found that in working with partners that often times the project involves areas outside of the expertise of their support staff. Calyptix core competency is their Access Enforcer product. Third Tier provides the Calyptix partner access to a wide variety of technical experts that can work in a holistic manner across technologies and products to get the project done or the problem resolved.

Amy and Eriq are good friends and I am not sure what more I can say other than to make a point to check them out. With foaming at their mouth about NOC services and outsourcing their helpdesks, there is still a ton of really complex technology out there that is eventually going to blow up regardless of the tools, gear and monitoring in place… and it’s nice to know there is someone you can call when that happens.

So while I can’t recommend you ever look at Calyptix, Amy and Eriq definitely need to be on top of the speed dial list.

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  1. Susan says:

    I’d recommend that people do look at Calyptix as every firewall/spam filtering product should be evaluated in this marketplace.

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