I’m writing this post at the Las Vegas airport, with one of the most expensive skylines in the whole world. Nearly all of it built over the past 15 years.


It has a lot in common with the computer business industry these days.

Hotels are half empty, showing clear sign of neglect and overbuilt space.

Some hotels are halted in the middle of construction…  places like The Venetian have idle cranes resting on top of the homage to the old world paradise.

It is currently all sustained on the deals, tricks and haggles… holding on to hope that things will get better quick, before the banks forclose on the remainder of the unfinished projects, and the serfs underneath grumble in despair.

But what if it doesn’t get better?

I don’t know about you do for living, but this is something I think about because I’m responsible for a lot of families out there that depend on me for a paycheck.

This week we sponsored a conference at which we were promised two thousand companies with businesses bringing in more than $1 million in revenue. I’ll tell you something funny, for a bunch of millionaires in this bunch, an alarming number of them don’t own pants, long sleve shirts, or polo shirts that don’t have some vendors logo on them. Yes, the world of IT professionals and millionaire business owners is dominated by the guys in shorts, vendor shirts and sweatpants. Amazing.

You know how I know I’m right? When I try to explain what we are working on right now to these folks they look at me like deer in headlights. They have no idea what I’m talking about, how to make money in that world, or what their role in it could even possibly be. The more they hope for a world in which they can make $100/hr walking a person through filling out a web form, the faster the innovation will remove them from the chain.

As some empires go, new ones come in their place. The amateurs and enthusiasts are on their way out and under.

It’s a great time to be in this business, folks.

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