Apache 2.2 Is Out, as is MS-CRM 3.0 but in a completely different way

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Now this is turning out to be a huge week for open source: Apache 2.2 has been released today and it brings a lot of new (great) features: Smart Filtering, Improved Caching, AJP Proxy, Proxy Load Balancing, Graceful Shutdown support, Large File Support, the Event MPM, and refactored Authentication/Authorization. Apache is worlds most popular and widely used web server and if you have not played with it, you really should. You can run it on Windows 2003 (and 2000, and XP) concurrently with IIS 5/6, just make sure you don't bind to all on either server and you'll be set. Great way to test your new web sites or get familiar with different platforms and software. A little birdie from Omaha sent me some business slides on Microsoft CRM 3.0 which was launched and… well, lets say that more than a few little birdies have told me the pricing behind it will make very few people bite. Come on Microsoft, you are NOT the dominant CRM player. When you're coming from behind, you have to offer a better product, better pricing, better incentives.. Eric better walk over there with a size 16 boot and bang out some incentives because at these prices small business will keep on going to salesforce.com.

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