Cool stuff of the week: Google Modules, Mozilla for PocketPC,

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Here are a few cool things I found over the weekend while catching up on some of my favourite blogs: Google Modules is a web site that lists a ton of free, third-party, modules for personalized Google content. You know, the site? Anyhow, that is what I use for my homepage mostly because it integrates a lot of what I look at. The thing that Sarah found was that this Google Modules site has a ton of really cool stuff: plugins, to-do lists, translators, etc. It is just very, very cool and easy to add to your personalized Google site. On the other side of the web dominance war there is the new Mozilla for PocketPC reported by If you use PocketIE you're probably not even reading this text, you've already ran to download it. And you should, I just spent a few days without wi-fi and surfing over GPRS is a very painful experience. Did nobody at Microsoft ever consider allowing one NOT to download images? And on the final note, I am back at work plowing through my to-do list in this thirteenth month as I like to look at it. Most people are on their vacations while your sysadmin is at work finishing stuff up for 2005. Here is what I thought to myself several times today:

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