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As mentioned earlier, Amy and I joined Eric Ligman for a quick chat about how we've been successful with SBSC. I got a number of questions (and congratulations) about the whole event so here is the quick braindump for those of you that could not follow my plugging. If you want to know about Microsoft incentives available to you as a small business specialist there are several places to look. First is Eric Ligman's blog covering SBSC for USA. Now if you would like to hold an event in a Microsoft truck there is the ability to reserve a multimedia bus and Chris Rue will tell you how to make the most out of it on over 8 posts on the subjects – with pictures and booth babes. If you want to know how Microsoft will invest money in your business to help you deploy Office, Windows, SBS and other Microsoft solutions you need to keep an eye on Microsoft incentives (http://www.microsoftincentives.com) and Mike Marshall, the tireless manager of TS2 that is the live Google of Microsoft incentives. Now once you've seen it all and you need to order, its time to check out the www.ms-gearup.com and check out the license configurator. But how do you get to this point? Well, you need to study. Beatrice and Harry will get you started, and the community will help you push through it. As a matter of fact, Magical M&M's host the smallbizserver.net forum where Beatrice and Harry are administrators of their very own SBSC chat board. So if you have a question, they will find someone to answer it. Business or technical. But more about the community. First of all, our pope, THE Susan Bradley is the #1 SBSC resource on the Internet, perhaps should be ranked above Microsoft partner site because she is honest. Look at her to give it to you right between the eyes. If you can handle that, go and find your own Susan Bradley in the local community – www.sbsgroups.com are a great resource of all the SBS user groups world-wide, so come out and hang out with us. We'll show you how to do SBS right. If you're in UK there is tremendous support, but if you're elsewhere and would still like the majestic voice of British parlament there is an alternative: SBS Show. As one of the SBS product managers said it the best: The SBS world is flat. It is. There are no boundaries in providing a solid product and service to the small to medium business customers. We are better and we help each other get better. Technically, financially….. So….sip on that koolade…. I mean, watch that webcast: http://blogs.msdn.com/mssmallbiz/archive/2005/12/13/503299.aspx -Vlad in DC!

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