2nd Shot is Back


Just like Jesus, the free MCP exam retake is back from the dead and many are happy to see it. Basically, you sign up for an exam and if you flunk it you get to take it over again except you don't have to pay $125 again.

Microsoft's free exam retake offer is back by popular demand! Simply complete your exam(s) at any Pearson VUE Authorized Center by June 30, 2006 and retake the exam(s) for free if you do not pass on the first attempt. Initial (paid) exam(s) must be completed by June 30, 2006; second shot (free) exam(s) must be completed by July 31, 2006. This offer is valid for all Microsoft exams worldwide. Any means of payment, including promotion codes and vouchers, may be used on the paid exam(s). You must pre-register for this offer with Microsoft. For complete details, visit www.PearsonVUE.com/ms/2ndShot.

Simple enough, get to studying. Unlike other worthless occupations, computer science and engineering requires constant re-education and re-certification , so if you've made a choice to be in IT you should get to working.

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