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Earlier tonight I was trolling the PSS newsgroups to find some new issues/resolutions to feed into my Exchange wiki. That beast is getting quite a bit of traffic and Google really seems to like sending people there so I figured I ought to write something on the keywords that the people searched for to end up in my wiki. So there I am trolling for ideas and one of my favourite topics is being discussed: IMF. Familar issue (user didn't RTFM, steamrolled Exchange SP2 without removing IMFv1 first) and I was curious to see if the Chinese PSS reps had lost it with these support requests. They lost it alright. Number one on the list of responses to the partners question is a link to……. tada: My articles have gained enough prominence to be quoted by Microsoft support personnel in a positive light. I immediately proceeded to ask Chris to kiss my MVP ring: "Who yo MVP daddy?"; Poor Chris, now Microsoft can't kill me because I'm in the support food chain. Chris on the other hand is fair game. Watch out for that chair boy!

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