Peter Galagher on SBS MobileAdmin


The following comes from the guys over at Inside SBS, talking about MobileAdmin on SBS. This topic was recently brought up on the SBS2K list and Peter Galagher forwarded over a little tweak that allows MobileAdmin to work on SBS:

  1. Download the Mobile Admin pack
  2. Backup the metabase in IIS (right click the servername in IIS -> all tasks -> backup/restore -> create backup)
  3. TEMPORARILY set the default website to “all unassigned” (if it is not already)
  4. Run MobileAdmin.exe that you downloaded in step 1.
  5. Reset IIS back to the way it was before step 3, if applicable
  6. Open the properties for the ExAdmin virtual directory under the default website -> directory security -> Edit for Secure Communications and uncheck “Require SSL”
  7. Restart the IIS Admin service

Basically the same steps as in the guide but uncheck "Require SSL" from the ExAdmin directory in IIS. And as Mark states in big red font: No, there is no MSFP available yet and the remote wipe/mail push requires it.

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