Best Buy now Gold Certified Partner

IT Business, Microsoft

Best Buy is now a Gold Certified Partner in addition to being trained by Harry Brelsfords books. There has been relatively little interest in this by IT consultants but having dealt with Microsoft Partners for over a decade I can tell you I'm not surprised by the lack of concern. There is always the "we're better" attitude in the low-end consulting world.. you used to know these as your local system builders, Y2K experts, webmasters, web hosting companies and support engineers. Todays flavor is "Managed Service Providers" but inevidably only the best will survive. Many shots have been taken at Best Buy and their incompetence, but if they all read all of Harry's books they will be at least as good if not better than half the partners I see out there. Make no mistake, job and wage losses due to open markets and globalization are nothing compared to what Best Buy & Microsoft can do to diminish the need for the small business consultant. But hey, its another day and probably not a big deal to you. As the famous story goes "nothing of significance happened today"…

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