E12 Virgin Install, Plunge method


WARNING: This is my initial plunge into E12 Beta 1. This is not a final product, this is not a review of E12 and all of this is a lie. While pretty much everyone is out getting drunk, yours truly, the Exchange MVP remained home on a Friday afternoon working on the internal E12 deployment. Oooooh my god is this thing f'n awesome. For the first deployment I wanted to be as close to what an average "Exchange" system administrator does so I plowed through the install program without reading any documentation, release notes or prompts it threw back at me. I just kept on hitting next and OK to install. While this is not a very true representation of an average environment Exchange admins have (in that my Active Directory was properly configured and stable) I think I have gone far enough to the point of even getting into OWA. I have to say (sip of Koolade) that the Exchange 12 team did an incredible job. I say this with absolutely no sarcasm implied or intended: Illiterate and semi-literate admins will only be able to hurt themselves. By default Beta1 does not create any connectors or bindings whatsoever. In order to recieve email you have to drop to the new Exchange Management Shell (cute name for Monad/MSH) and create it by yourself. Documentation is awesome. Not only does it link back and forth in a relevant way but it also includes code examples, snippets, ability to search and send feedback. As for the features… wow. I am not allowed to comment on specific stuff due to the beta and the NDA but suffice to say it looks unreal. The marketing is interesting too, it ties into the new scheme you may see on live.com or Windows Mobile or at least that is my impression.

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