Crazy Ligmans Summer Savings Sale


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Now this has to be the funniest blog post I've read in quite a while. I like the numbers breakdown, too. Here is my take on it:

Get your unbeatable bottom price on SBS, SBE Office, XP Upgrade deals this weekend at Crazy Ligman's software sale. All business platform SKU's must go! We got a huge shipment from the factory and ALL must go before June 30th. $922? Forget about it. $800? No way! Just $797 gets you in a seat of a brand new SBS CAL, XP Pro Upgrade Cal and SBE Office. $797, fully loaded! You'll be cruising your office documents – anywhere. Don't have a PocketPC? We'll throw that in too! Everything but the kitchen sink! Come and see us at the corner of 1 Microsoft Way at Crazy Ligmans where our volume means savings for you! We finance eeeveryone! (guarantee not a guarantee, must be a small business and qualify for the financing. all tax, tags and financing charges excluded)

Now all joke aside this is a pretty good deal. First off, you can stack all the discounts described in the blog, standardize on a platform for the next 3 years, get a free upgrade to R2 when it comes out and probably get Vista in there. They'll even hook you up with a phone and financing. If you've got a business thats been avoiding an upgrade they will not see this good of a deal anytime soon. Plus the time is just ripe to get in before the Vista upgrade cycle. If they don't sign the dotted line for this you likely just have a lost hope on your client list, cut them loose and go win some business with this one.