Free outbound Skype justifies Net neutrality


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 Yet another post in the Gooback category on net neutrality. Today Skype announced that they will no longer charge Americans and Canadians for placing calls to land lines (or cell phones) in USA and Canada. No strings attached, it will be a free call from now on.

This is why the telcos are fighting so hard to tier themselves and eliminate the possiblity of their customers dollars going to the competition or anywhere else but their pockets. I know that Google is the favorite posterboy for the Bell vs. Civilization but their successful separation from common sense and ethical business will guarantee that things like the above free calls never happen. They are still pissed they can't charge you $0.25 per minute anymore, but now they have people just giving it away? Well, without net neutrality that will not be a problem because you will never be able to send packets to the Skype network unless it pays hefty fees to connecting to the Bell network. Think it will be free then too?

Update: Hold the celebration, looks like a good part of IP addresses are unable to reach SkypeOut specifically between 70.x.x.x – 79.x.x.x.x; Take out 10 class A's, ouch. Oh well, I'm not on that range so it's all good Skype.

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