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As you may be aware today is May 1st, internationally celebrated International Workers Day. Well, we don't celebrate this in good ol' US of A but we do keep many industries afloat through cheap, near slave-wage labor of illegal immigrants. No, I'm not talking about Microsoft PSS or Dell Technical Support. I'm talking about the many immigrants who decided to take this May 1st and organize protests all over America in their sign of solidarity against the proposed legislation. You see, there is this entire excuse that illegal immigrants take jobs of good honest, albeit lazy, natural born Americans because real American's would not do the jobs illegal immigrants do. Usually there is a big argument over whether that is true or not, but if USA is anything it is a heaven for capitalists. This capitalist took a Monday off in a sign of solidarity both with my immigrant brotherin and with my lazy ass American "I work for the Government and they gave me a day off because there will be a protest outside of our building" brotherin' (or girlfrienderin') and went to Gainesville to take care of some bank business. Sitting at McAllisters, reading the Alligator and what should pop out:


Jobs American's don't want to take? Oh, The Dog Butler begs to differ. I have to admit this person really made my day, not just by their ingenuity and advertising but with their brilliant tagline:

"We pick up where your dog left off"

They service both residential and commercial businesses, have a cute logo, both the email and the phone number listed on the card, have a clear pricing structure and a tiered model to go with it. I'm sorry, but this is far better advertising than even most IT solution providers have. And this guy (or girl) goes around picking up sh$$! Dear Dog Buttler, you've made my day. Hope I send you some business, this site has 30x the circulation of the paper you advertised in 🙂