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In a few hours I'll be taking off for New York City to attend SMB Nation East. SMB Nation is an event series started and managed by Harry Brelsford with the major focus on small-to-medium business IT. Harry is the guy that was a recent guest on the SBS Show and to his own credit has written dozens of books and given opportunities for others to write, myself included. Despite that particular lack of judgement, this is the event you need to be at if you're trying to transition your business from providing or even thinking small to serving medium-sized business. Last year was the first time I attended SMB Nation and I've brought back home pages upon pages of things we could implement at Own Web Now – and we don't specifically target SMB to begin with. I'm somewhat ashamed to say that we haven't implemented even half of what I wrote down but we're working on it.

So whats the big deal? Well, this year Harry is putting on a show on the east coast and I wanted to go ahead and actually mingle a little. Last year I spent most of my time in the conference room soaking in the info, I doubt this year will be any different. I'm going to NYC and promise you a ton of pictures, audio/podcasts and even some video up on Vladfire 🙂 It will be as if you're at the conference.

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