When Piracy Pays Off

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So you got in the office one day and that xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-PRVMG XP Pro key is no longer working for you. Ouch, thats awful, now you have to pay for software like the rest of us. But wait, Uncle Bill has some good news for you. Unlike the legitimate Microsoft customers who are ripped the full $245, you as the criminal (or an unfortunate customer of a criminal) are rewarded! Yes, you get Windows XP Pro upgrade to a full legitimate copy for $100 less than the people that legitimately purchased Windows! No questions asked!

I was a firm supporter of what Microsoft has been trying to do with licensing compliance when they gave free copies to people that turned in crooks but this latest move ENCOURAGES piracy, not the other way around. "Yes Bob, that PC is $399. However, if you run towards the door with it and steal it we'll only charge you $299 for it! It's our way of controlling theft.
More screenshots and details on this at Daily Tech

3 Responses to When Piracy Pays Off

  1. Amy says:

    Thats just great. Then they can use their legit copy to activate it 20 times and be done with all their software needs.

    This is not the solution Microsoft.

  2. LarryC says:

    Maybe they’ll take a hint from the news and offer “one time amnesty” to all pirates. Just before Vista comes out, legitimize the whole planet and really lock down Vista so that single key cannot activate 8 million copies and none of that volume licensing “no activation” biz.

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