Who is your (mobile) daddy?


Vlad becomes a Windows Mobile Training Small Business Specialist.

Sales exams really make my day. It’s nice to get asked questions that require absolutely no thinking and get an attaboy congratulations every time you guess the right answer to the common sense question. Now I’m already a Windows Mobile Training Specialist but the program launched a *gasp* Small Business Specialist program today. With a name like that it was just asking for a whopping. And that it did receive, in record time. I saved some time by skipping the “educational” part of the experience, call me arrogant but I feel I have a solid understanding how Pocket Internet Explorer works, thanks.

I think I’ll sleep better knowing that if one of these heavy racks ever falls on top of me and plows me through the raised floors… and I come out of it alive but severely mentally incapacitated.. I can still fall back on a career as a Windows Mobile sales drone: “Oh that one. That one is a phone and a computer!”

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