OneCare & Cheesesteaks


Crazy Ligman sale on security this weekend! How would you like Microsoft OneCare Live, full version, shrink-wrap, media, manual, license AND a glossy box for.. $49.95? Of course you would. But you won’t pay $49.95. No. You won’t even pay $39.95, and believe me friends, its worth every penny. You won’t pay $35.95, not $34.95.  Not even half way to hell $33. No siree.

What would you say if I told you that you can have OneCare Live, full retail copy, in your hands for just $32.99? (hold for applause) Butt wait friends, wait. Yes, its a great deal but we can better than that. What if I told you that you can protect your other PC with this box as well? Yes, legit. Well, we’re throwing it in there. Thats right, protect two PC’s and don’t pay a penny more. Oh what the heck, we’ll take care of Uncle Bob too! Promise to tell a friend and we’ll protect all three PCs and don’t pay a penny more!


$32.99 friends, just $32.99 protects three of your PC’s for a year! Thats less than $0.001 an hour? How many web sites do you visit an hour? How many emails do you get? Do you backup? Well, you need Live OneCare.

$32.99. $32.99! Get it today at your neighborhood Cotsco and tell them Crazy Ligman sent you, where L stands for Lower prices for Legitimate software.

Pretty cool thing actually, site wants $50 but the FPP at Cotsco is $33 plus tax. And the pic was snapped on the T-Mobile MDA, looks decent for a cell phone camera, doesn’t it? I downsized it quite a bit to make it fit on the blog but I’m impressed. Also I ate some sort of a cheesesteak while cruising around and I wish I wrote down what the heck it was. I don’t know if I was hungry or what but man, that steak really tasted good.