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This girl needs a fan club. She has been a friend for a while but I'm continuously impressed by what she is able to do. Namely,

1) Excellent presentation of the SMB community concepts on Monday

2) The best, eeeever, burn on Chris ever. Ever. I will make sure it ends up on his tombstone: "Chris: Wow, thats a tiny tripo.. Susanne: But its not all about the size, right Chris"

3) Wrestling with me for the dinner check. Of course she won (in polite terms of course because saying "She kicked my ass, hid the check behind her back and punched me in the ribs just doesn't have the same kind of a ring to it). Weak, weak, weak, can't even take our British friends out to dinner — and after all we did to them in Boston.

What a phenomenal, amazing, incredible day at WWPC. This has been the single most productive day of the year and I am not even home! Four hours of sleep here I come!