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It is going to be hard to believe but the picture below is of Chris, myself and Susanne. Believe it or not, it is the second time we have ever been together in person. We have put well over 20 hours worth of “edutainment” with the SBS Show before ever meeting one another. Talk about the power of internet, collaboration and people who are willing to make a difference. Yes, we’ve been slowing down lately but we’ve fought through a disk replacement/fusing surgery, bitter divorce, many professional changes, challenges and opportunities.


 So in just a little under a year we’ve gone from almost certified unknowns to one of the most popular podcasts on the net and certainly the most dominant SMB IT show out there. Here is the first post of me meeting Susanne.

Now god save the queen. Queen, Queenie, Susanne Dansey, our pal invited us among her people at the WWPC party for UK. Thanks for Robbie for inviting us and playing a phenomenal host. As many of you know, I don’t drink. But here I was, at Cheers, with a bar full of Brits… let’s just say I counted up to 8 bud lights, and as big of a guy I am…. I’m really a wuss.


So man, did we have an awesome time. Thank you, thank you, thank you UK. Sorry Queenie if we embarrased you in front of your countrymen (and women) with our weak alcohol tollerance. I’m hanging out with Chris at the moment and he’s talking about going out again so… man, Ballmer is so going to get revenge for everything bad I ever said about Microsoft as he starts booming through my headache in the morning.

Ok, last post, no mo WWPC stuff. Back to business. But I sincerely hope you do find this inspirational. In the space of 12 months I’ve made some great friends, great connections and pushed out over a million podcasts. For a threesome that really didn’t think twice about the community at this time a year ago this is one hell of an accomplishment.

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