Future of Microsoft SMB Consultant at Palm Beach IT


Logo1I’m presenting tomorrow night (Tuesday, August 8th) at the Palm Beach IT Association in Palm Beach, FL. Just wanted to save some of you a trip if you weren’t interested in what I’m going to be talking about:

  • Who I am and what I do for living and why I really do all the podcasting, blogging, vlogging..
  • What Own Web Now does and is working on (and how)
  • SMB Community potential beyond “technical support chatter
  • Preparing for the next wave (look at Exchange 2007, SharePoint 2007 Beta 2 demo)

I intend to spend most of the evening on that last bullet point, kind of offering some insight on the things going on at Microsoft and beyond in terms of how they view our space, how you can anticipate/respond/profit on top of what they are doing. Also a look at some other interesting events that are going to drive our sector and how they are changing just what we are able to offer our clients.

It will be a business presentation. Hope to see you out there, please RSVP.

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