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Unlike the last post, this one is quite appropriate. Unfortunately, it is not as pleasing or as funny as the last post. 

If you have to travel for business you will not enjoy your next intercontinental flight. On the heels of last weeks terrorist bust in United Kingdom came more flight restrictions. You will likely have to say hello to the long lines and airport delays of 2001 as the nations cope with the irrational fear that all its citizens are amateur terrorists and bomb builders. I suppose it is easier to panic people into thinking that the end of the world is near, at least then it is possible to use fear and uncertainty to avoid the true discussion of governments inability to provide adequate security. Avoid the discussion of the broken process, focus on the outrage of the result. Why? Because it is easy to show outrage of the event, delayed flights, cancelled travel plans and upset patriotic people. It is easier to spotlight that discussion because that is where people are split and become passionate about their arguments.

Question the incompetence of the government and you’re labeled an unpatriotic commie, Bush basher and a stinkin liberal that would just waltz onto a plane with a nuke. Do the opposite and you’re a stupid redneck that can’t see past the edge of your soy farm where you do your cousins after a big jug of moonshine. See how much fun stereotyping is? Bet one of those pisses you off enough to post a comment and thus a discussion goes down the wrong path

What do you really need to think about?

Now as much fun as the above two paragraps can be to show your affiliation and disregard for everything else, there are things to consider here. Things are are of no entertaining value but critical to your business. Nobody wants to talk about that, where is the fun in that Vlad? Well, here are a few ideas:

If you have an upcoming Atlantic flight and forget to check your laptop your entertainment will be a mix of long cancelled sitcom and a todler crying behind you.

Locked your laptop using a non-TSA approved lock? Congratulations, you just pissed off a dropout making $8 an hour – guess the clothes you were going to wear at the next conference just might not make it there in time. Enjoy wearing vendor swag to that executive roundtable you were going to participate in.

Here are a few places to review before taking your next trip:

San Francisco Chronicle Travel Guide

This article outlines all the contact information for major airlines, new rules to the boarding process, UK flight restrictions, lock recommendations.

UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office

UK is our biggest partner and likely your gateway to the rest of your EU trip. They have a good breakdown of the common sense travel advice that you might want to consider.

What you need to know about the new TSA rules

If you just need a skinny on what changed. For example, starting today (August 15th) the carryon ban expires and you can once again bring your laptop with you.

Old Rules Die Hard

Be prepared. Be prepared for the delay, be prepared to check your personal items. This involves the traditional computer security with the physical consideration. Here is a fun task. Pick up your computer bag, flip it upside down. Did anything fall out? No? Great. Now throw it at a wall. Pick it up and throw it at another. Now step on it. Take the laptop up, does it power on?

Those are travel certainties: stuff will break, stuff will get lost. If you cannot afford to lose things or have them broken then your options are not to travel or pack accordingly. Pick one. 

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