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So a fall tech conference in Redmond is not in your plans this weekend… so what! This weekend will be all about Microsoft announcements and excitement about the SMB products coming to our space over the coming year. You can hear, see and touch these products from the comfort of your home. Conferences are about much more than that, they are about meeting and connecting with the very people that produce and promote these solutions.

So as a public service there are a few Vladfire episodes airing this weekend. They will show you some of your champions within Microsoft in an unscripted, unscheduled, “deer in headlights” interviews from the Microsoft World Wide Partner Conference. Find out just who is working for you, what they do, what drives them and how excited they are about what they do.

So here is a little teaser…

Vladfire15-miniVladfire16-mini Vladfire17-mini

Collect them all, Friday, Saturday, Sunday!

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