Important: OWN Blog Goes Live!

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It is my great pleasure to announce the first ever Own Web Now Corp blog. Click here to add it to your RSS2 aggregator. If you do any business with OWN or ever intend to, you need to add that blog to your daily routine.

For what its worth, OWN blog will be quite different from Vladville in a number of ways. As much as I am the CEO and the guy that… well… IS the company to the external world, my opinions and ideas do not always reflect the ideas, goals or opinions of Own Web Now Corp. For the past two years I have tried to give some insight into what OWN is all about through my eyes. I will continue to do so, however, OWN is a serious global business and needs a serious global way to communicate to its partners and clients.

The timing, in case you’re interested, has all to do with the launch of Internet Explorer 7. My customers and I am assuming more than half my partners know nothing about RSS. So the launch of a tool that will seamlessly keep them informed with our every move has everything to do with the OWN Blog coming to life.

The topics discussed on the other blog will be drastically different from what I have here. Vladville, as I have described on a few occasions, is a distraction between phone calls and other tasks. It is a nickname sarcasticly given by one of my girlfriends college roommates reflecting on my absolute take on some subject. I believe the exact quote was “Maybe thats how things work in Vladville, but not in the real world.”

So expect the OWN blog to talk a lot about the business of global network management, advanced network infrastructure, security alerts and practices, etc. For example, one of the first posts this week was going to be an alert on why suddenly so many servers stopped accepting mail and started rejecting it with code 5.7.1 – Network Solutions DNS croaked and fubared a large portion of the Net. The other day we had a conversation about selectively restricting NDR bounces from showing up in ExchangeDefender mailboxes – so when someone Joe Jobs your domain you don’t have to die in a massive amount of NDR spam and eventual blackholing. Rest assured that terms like croakedfubared and blackholing will not be seen on OWN.

So there you go – what are you waiting for – point your RSS feeder here and keep up with us! As I promised, it will be fun!   

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