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Southpark101-771689I was told by many of you that I needed to add this category.

The concept of the gay-pile is the genius of South Park creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker. South Park, for those of you not from US, is a popular adult cartoon that has made its staple on American society by calling out common hypocracies and stereotypes of our proud country.

Goobacks, episode 806 of South Park, addresses inability of large groups of people to handle change. The residents of South Park decide that the best way for them to combat change is to “go gay” and eliminate the possibility of future occuring because they would effectively end the human race.

Reaction to changes in the IT world are similar. At the first sign of things changing, people who have chosen a career that is on the very edge of revolutionizing communications as we know it have a hard time adapting. Instead, they come with the most ridiculous theories, empty threats and unlikely prognosis no sane person would ever make.

This category will be dedicated to posts on the topic of IT people having a hard time comprehending the reality of the IT business.

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