Microsoft to explain Retail Strategy

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GaypileSorry for the short notice, just got this from Jessica Emmons, my PCM (yep, another SBSC perk for those of you that claim there aren’t any):

There have been lots of questions about Comp USA and other retail outlets from many of you.  If you’re interested in hearing about Microsoft’s Retail strategy and what it means for you as an SBSC partner, don’t miss this afternoon’s webcast with Eric Ligman and Rex Bloesser, US Director of Retail Development for SMS&P.  The session will be held on 2/6/07 at 4:30pm ET, and if you want to attend, you can register here.

Given the unrest, I think if you’re an SBSC and have a concern you need to be in this webcast. If you aren’t an SBSC… well, don’t worry, this is probably the least of your concerns.

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