SBS Show Newsletter Launches!

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I’m proud to announce that we’ve launched the first SBS Show newsletter. In the same spirit as the podcast, the newsletter is a non-commercial glue for the SBS community that we can share info thats relevant to us.

I’ve even spent some time to design the “fan club” concept that is similar to and the social way of voting for stories. Let’s be honest, we all find info every day that pretains to our business, but we’re all too busy to review every single thing. And we all can’t stay on top of a newsgroup thread with 500 posts – “so give me the skinny” becomes the way of life.

Please sign up for the SBS Show fan club, it’s free. Please download SBS Show Episode #25, with Erick Simpson, it’s awesome. And, thanks for all the support. Big thanks to Susanne Dansey and Dave Sobel, my cohosts, Susan Bradley my spiritual advisor, Tim Barrett the UG guy and our long lost friend, Chris Rue, may god bless his soul.