More on the Microsoft Retail Strategy

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No, nothing more from the boards (as there is a lot more and as usual its degenerated beyond the disrespective banter) but straight from da man in Redmond.

First, the SBSC Webcast that started it all, Microsoft Retail Strategy.

Second, the followup asking for feedback.

Now as the SBSC team has done over and over — they are seeking feedback. So watch the webcast, see what it means to you and then hit the second link and tell them what you think. Be respectful, be specific, demand answers. What so often happens in these situations is that people get shell-shocked about the news and run into the gaypile to stop the future from occuring. This team has a track record of asking for feedback and delivering, so tell them what you need.

P.S. That last part, for what its worth is just one of the reasons the SBSC wins over Microsoft Certified Partner badge. The SBSC asks for feedback, my PAM tells me he doesn’t return phone calls for deals less than $10K in Microsoft licensing.