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Susan talks about the DST issues on her latest podcast.

DST of course is the Daylight Savings Time and is observed by a number of countries in order to reduce energy utilization by messing with the clock and when people wake up. Basically, politicians controlling the clock. And since we’re lately bombing everything without cause having increased energy costs the US government decided to extend the DST period by 4 weeks, creating a major havoc in the way DST is calculated. Combine that with Microsoft’s patch quality assurance as of late and you have a making of a spectacular mess that we as system administrators now get to clean up.

So go listen to Susan and prep your workforce. The Exchange MVP circles have had a blast discussing the DST, among them the following hilarious comments.. So, how are the brightest Exchange experts dealing with the DST KB article #926666?

I am planning to drink heavily until April 1st.

Ok, as I drill into this here, I really think that the easiest answer is to just outlaw meetings from 3/11-4/1. 

No meetings allowed from march 11 to april 1. 

I’m going to resign on 3/10 and then get a new job on Apr 2.

I don’t care who you are, that right there is funny  Hope the humor helps you through the patch.

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