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Bit of a short notice (it’s in two weeks) but a good one nonetheless. I have a $200 discount code for SMBTN Summit, if you’re interested in going and use the following promo code they will knock off $200 from the registration fee: SMBVLAD07

The event is in about two weeks and judging by the content the premier event for the SMB IT shop owner. Take a look at the sessions, they are a head and shoulders beyond anything else out there. I talked to the conference organizers (they are SBSers like us, SBS group leaders, etc) and you’ve probably met them if you’ve gone to the SMB events in the past – they decided to take the conference a step further and not focus on the basics. I think if you look at the topics you’ll agree. You can see the details here:

The event is in Los Angeles (DisneyLand actually) from March 15th – March 17th.

It’s worth the trip, I’m ducking out of the MVP summit early for this one so hopefully that gives you some indication of value.

P.S. Ok, apologies to the OC snobs: The event is in Anaheim, Orange County, NOT Los Angeles. Apparently being 20 miles west of Compton makes it a whole different world. And speaking of Compton, if you’re driving by say hello to Erick Simpson.

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  1. mavmesa says:

    I lived in the OC for 1.5 years (1.347 if you figure divide by 1024). It IS a different world. Disneyland and Knotts Berry Farm creates an aura that permeates the OC.

    Erick is obviously outside the aura.

    Ken Writer

  2. Vlad’s quite the joker, as you all well know. Actually, Mr. Edwards – we bask in the unique aura that is the OC.

    Vlad is on the money on this one – the SMBSummit will not be something to miss. I’ll be doing a training during lunch on Saturday on how to Close Managed Services Deals using our tools and methodologies, so I hope to see you there…

  3. vlad says:

    Wow Erick, that’s low man.

    I would like to let everyone know that I have been called a whore numerous times for posting this, with Tim Barrett IMing me moments after I hit publish. Karl sent me a photomanipulated image of me with a pimp hat (tiger pattern) and numerous others have hinted at my whoredom.

    But to come here and pimp your own stuff in my comments section… damn, that just takes it to a whole new level. Nascar like almost.

    Good lord. Now, as I said on one of Tims vlogs that he wouldn’t publish about a member of our community..

    ‘…. ……. is a bigger sellout than Bill Dance.’

    With a big bright Tennesee hat and a fishing pole.

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  5. Sorry about that, Vlad – my intent was to promote the event itself, not to come off as self-serving (you know me better than that).

    In hindsight, my post should have been worded differently.

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