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Wow, that was quick. Even my own code ported over really fast. I did find one significant change, which I wrote about last year. Coma-separating the categories. Previously categories were treated as special lists which had separate functions applied to them along with an entire file dedicated to category management. Not the case with WordPress 2.1, categories are managed in same way as all other list objects, with just a few lines to determine parent/child relationship between classes. This is now managed through wp-includes/classes.php

All in all, went very smooth. On to the construction.

The whole move took only about 15 minutes, straight file copy with a database upgrade. Gotta hand it to WordPress, the documentation was solid and kind of shows why they are the #1 blogging platform out there. I have friends with Community Server and man is this a night and day compared to that.

Anyhow, been chatting with Susan about my community posts as of late. What brought it on, whats wrong with me this week, etc. I’m not really burned out or anything, I just had a week off from work (by my standards) trying to deal with the cold and what I saw around just made me feel like a total jackass for doing all that I do. I think we both agreed that one thing we are not doing enough of is nurturing leaders….