Pardon the dust

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Pardon the dust over the next 2–3 hours, I’m upgrading WordPress on Vladville to the 2.1 release. It’s likely going to take only a few minutes to upgrade but I have a lot of custom code running this stuff so backporting it might take a little while, not to mention all the stuff that I’m adding.

What am I adding? Well, I’m going to start talking a lot more about what I actually do – sysadmin, infosec, development. What’s going out? Community related bs. For the longest time I really held myself back from posting about my stuff because I didn’t want to appear to be constantly selling stuff. But, it is what I do and most of you have asked for more of that so it’s coming. As for the community and business related stuff going out.. well, thats really your fault. You see, I’ve tried to project the needs of the SMB community and give it a voice. But when that voice says “Hey, I need XYZ to justify what I’m saying…” and the community says “<insert sound of crickets>” then you make me (and Susan and everyone else that stands to represent your interests) look like a fool. You can’t demand action/change and sit on your hands at the same time, that makes you a whining bitch. So in the future when you complain that everyone wants $$$ for information you’ll have nobody but yourself to blame because you did nothing to contribute to the community when leaders did. There is nothing more dangerous to a commercial enterprise than a free and independant alternative. However, when nobody contributes to the free and independant exchange of information it ends up stagnating and dying. Thus the SBS Show, Vladville,, and eventually perhaps even Susan Bradley, Incorporated.  

Don’t like the sound of that? Tough. Start a blog, a user group, a bulletin board, or anything else to share what you know.