Shockey Monkey Rollout Completed

Shockey Monkey

6 months later, more than 2,000 partners online and god knows how much time, emails and code lines…. I’m caught up. Yes friends, today I mailed the last 200 people that signed up over the course of the last few months and they’ll be up online tonight or tomorrow. Thank you all for your patience.

Take a look at the activation video, if you’d like to sign up for it.

10 minutes, ordering, configuring, obtaining SSL cert, etc.

Now the fun stuff begins! What’s on Shockey Monkey today is on stable code from November – and now that everyone is signed up, that I know the system can scale, that I have all that feedback you’ve given me over the past year or so of development.. now that its all on the pile I can go back to development and start integrating all of it for the most kicka.. well, let’s be honest, the ONLY practice management software designed for SMB IT solution providers by SMB owners themselves!

Thank you for joining me on this journey.