British Invasion on Vladfire

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As you may have noticed, Vladfire has had a sudden rejuvination.

And as my bandwidth stats note, you’ve (my dear valued audience) really taken to it. Just goes to show that people are looking for the more entertaining and portable way to learn about their profession. Last week at TechEd someone walked up to me and showed me my Exchange 12 deployment videos on their Zune. (yeah, someone out there owns a Zune! Bob I think)

Anyhow, as my road trips come to a close, I can dedicate more time to these things. So, later today the brand new Vladcast podcast will be out. Slightly longer, maybe closer to 10 minutes to discuss some of the interesting things at TechEd. Later this week, the british invasion. I have two gentlemen from UK that became very successful selling Microsoft CRM implementations there. Obviously, pricing / offerings in UK make it easier to offer these high end solutions to SMB customers, something that USA still does not have a firm grip on. I think you’ll like them.

On top of that, I have enough video of some remarkable people in IT, enough to release one a week for the rest of the year. So that, along with VladCast and some new projects / mashups is whats coming “real soon now” to Vladville.

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