Orlando welcomes TechEd

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Welcome to Orlando! Today is the pre-day at TechEd, people are flying in, checking in, enjoying the sun and fun that Orlando and Central Florida offer. Welcome, have a great time!

There aren’t many things that will get you in trouble in Central Florida, we’re a 24/7/365 tourist destination. However, here are a few things to avoid to make sure your stay here is easier and cheaper:

  • There are no deals in Orlando. This isn’t Las Vegas, this is Orlando – there are no discount tickets, no discount meals, no great opportunities – everything that seems like it’s too good to be true probably is.
  • Do not go into camera stores. If you need a new SD card, spend a few extra bucks and buy it at Walgreens. Do not go into electronics stores with sharp-dressed immigrants, they are known for very antagonistic pressure sales, not allowing customers to leave the store, etc.
  • Don’t accessorize like MC Hammer. This is a tourist destination, not a gold and diamond exibition. If you’re wearing a few car payments on your neck it might be a good idea to leave that stuff in the hotel room.
  • Don’t drink in public. It’s against the law in Orlando, so if you have a drink do it in the restaurant, bar, hotel. Don’t walk around the street with it, you will get arrested.
  • You can just walk there.” Nobody walks in Florida. If you try, you’ll find out why very quickly. It’s hot and everything is far.
  • Don’t buy a time share. Don’t go swimming in a lake. You’ll just have to trust me on these two.

Things to do:

  • Always bring a bottle of water. No matter where you’re going, once you leave the A/C and feel that humidity combined with a 30–40 degree temperature differential you will dehydrate. Quickly. Just bring a bottle of water with you.
  • Shower at night. Weird one, eh? Here is the problem – if you shower in the morning you will never dry off. As you hop between climate controlled environments, cabs, busses, outdoors, conferences, etc you will likely end up with a cold by the end of the conference.
  • Enjoy the attractions. Orlando is famous for the many world-class attractions, check them out. No, Disney World is NOT just like DisneyLand.
  • Hit the outlets. Don’t hold me to this but it’s likely that Microsoft will bus you to Premiere Outets. You can get some really nice things for a tiny fraction of the retail price. These outlets usually sell discontinued stuff (sneakers, etc) or designer clothing from last year. So if you want something nice but don’t want to pay for it, thats your best bet.
  • If this is your first time at TechEd… sleeeeeeeeeeeeep. Really, try to get a few hours each night. The schedule is brutal, the amount of information is overwhelming. If you hope to survive and make it to the conference on Wednesday and Thursday take a few hours to sleep on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.

Oh.. and have fun! Congratulations on getting your managers to part with the funding to send you to TechEd, this year will certainly be a great mix of fun and learning unparalleled by any other event.

Welcome to Orlando!