Forget Beta, Have you started training for Windows 2008?

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The good news about Windows Server 2008 just keeps on piling up. Even without the WinFS and Virtualization features built in, Windows Server 2008 looks great and the IIS and infrastructure improvements are making a lot of us drool already. How will you roll it out is an easy question to answer, just work with the betas now and you will have a handle on it by the time it ships. But how do you prove to others that you can roll it out, correctly, securely and the first time? Through a little thing called professional industry certifications.

For that you have to listen to Trika Harms zum Spreckel, lady with a long name and lots to say about Micrsoft Certifications. Trika talks about training, certifications, Microsoft Learning and other cool stuff that separates professionals from… well.. hobbyists. And it’s darn important in SMB as well. If your company stands for more than its ability to scheme customers into buying Microsoft solutions then it ought to be getting you one of the leading technology certifications – MCSE on Microsoft Windows Server 2008.

This week Trika is offering a 40% discount on the upgrade exams to MCSE on Windows Server 2008. Sign up now, these are by no stretch of the imagination “easy”;

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