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As usual, Shockey Monkey community installfest happens tomorrow night, Saturday, from 8PM till Midnight. If you haven’t had your service turned up and you plan to hop to the front of the list add to your MSN IM list and contact me during the window above, I will issue the SSL certificate signing request, DNS and get you up and running immediately. This has worked rather well for a few weeks now so I’m doing it again.

SMB IT provider and you don’t have a customer portal? What are you waiting for?

Update: All done for the evening. I’m in a particularly good mood so the process went far faster than usual. I’ve never activated this many people in one sitting, Shockey Monkey has really picked up on the popularity levels as of late, I’m seeing a lot of “XYZ showed it to me and I’m dying to have it in my business” type of comments on the new signups. It’s all good. It also helps to do the scheduled activation window, the brainchild of Erick Simpson who suggested I pick a time and have a “Vlad free-for-all” slot in my schedule instead of doing 1 on 1 stuff. I originally ignored it because I wanted to get as much direct feedback as possible but I must say that both the satisfaction and the feedback levels (in terms of bugs and feature request numbers) have increased since I started doing this.

So thanks to everyone involved in the project, you guys (and gals) really help!