Funniest video of TechEd Attendees (Not Microsoft owned)

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Microsoft TechEd 2007 had a lot of cool things, the tagline this year was “Make your Mark” and one of the coolest interactive toys was this motion-responsive projector screen. Basically, there was an image projected on the screen (mostly advertisments and Microsoft brands) and activity / motion in front of the screen would trigger various special effects. Things like butterflies following you as you walk by the screen, raising buildings by lifting your hand, etc. Very cute stuff to try on your own.

But, as usual – the true entertainment comes with others that are easilly amused by this. The guy in the video spent some 15 minutes jumping around this thing with likely a 25 lb bag on his back and another one in his hand (as you can tell everyone around the screen is hunched over). This video is the undeniable proof of evolution – in reverse!


Click here to stream the Quicktime (.mov) video

Click here to streap the Windows Movie (.wmv) video

Please watch the video, I guarantee it will crack you up. The music helps a lot too, courtesy of the geek folk singer Jonathan Coulton. This is perhaps my favorite Vladfire episode, it is the best way you can spend 4 minutes today to lose faith both in our profession and our species.

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