Hidden ways of profiting from WWPC

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Over the past few years I’ve been fortunate enough to go to so many places and conferences.. and undeniably.. WWPC 2007 was easilly the most fun I’ve ever had out in the field. I wish every day could be like that, wake up at 8AM and work like crazy till 4PM and then party till 3 AM. Repeat.

Yes, I’ve told you all the wonderful ways that I’ve managed to pull off successful things at WWPC, business wise, but you can also be successful doing other things at WWPC. I think Dave said it the best: This is the best part of the business. When I’m back I can look at the awards and think of all these good times and say (I’m doing well)! That is why I always bring a video camera with me, it is so much richer than pictures alone and brings back so many great memories. Yes, a picture can take you back to what you think happened, but the video lets you live in that moment.

For example, here is how I got a % share of KP Enterprises. (2 Mb video); pwn3d

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